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SUADEX, a shoe brand, is tailored for the workers who need such shoes that feature beauty and ensure safety. And SUADEX shoes can not only ensure the safety of the wearers’ feet, but also save the trouble of changing shoes when people commute to work. And they are also suitable for daily wear. Nowadays, people of different jobs need to rush around places of the city when they are on work. It would be painful to bump into things without a pair of comfortable and safe shoes.It would be unsuitable to go around without a pair of beautiful shoes. So that SUADEX have come into being to help solve these problems.


SUADEX is such a fashion brand that focuses on the production and sales of high-quality work shoes and others. Since the establishment of the brand, SUADEX has adhered to the tenet of "profession, comfort and fashion", the mission of "one pair with two purposes", and the concept of "feet protection and self-expression". After the market survey in the earlier stage and the later research in the middle stage, and with the innovation of science of technology, SUADEX finally launched the first batch of safety work shoes that can be worn out on a daily base. They boast three advantages: safety along with comfort, beauty of fashion, and reasonable prices.


The founder and the manufacturing team of SUADEX always keep in mind the importance of safety and protection. When you work in factories or construction sites, it means that there may be sudden safety problems: some heavy objects might suddenly fall; covered sharp objects on the ground may accidentally hurt you. Under these circumstances, a pair of anti-smashing and anti-piercing work shoes is really necessary, which can effectively avoid accidents against safety. Since the very beginning, SUADEX has taken into account the materials and production process of the shoes to ensure the safety of the work shoes. Of course, SUADEX work shoes are not just suitable for workers holding specific types of jobs, but also for migrant workers of different positions. The shoes conform to the principle of ergonomics. They can not only fit the foot perfectly. They are also anti-skid and breathable, which can ensure that workers with SUADEX work shoes can walk as if on wings when commuting and walk like flying when moving around during work time.


In the early market research SUADEX found that some of the work shoes on the market were too loose in shape and monotonous in color, which would make the shoes look very bulky, bloated and monotonous as a whole, although they ensured the safety. Based on the the SUADEX designers made innovations in both shape and color. Their work shoes are small and trendy in appearance and exquisite in lots of details. In addition, their heel is integrated with design ingenuity, which can lengthen the leg proportion to create a super excellent wearing experience. Therefore, even if migrant workers wear them to shuttle in high-rise buildings, they can be also easily regarded as fashionable persons without doubt. What is commonly agreed is that a pair of quality work shoes can make people more engaged in work, while a pair of good-looking and high-quality work shoes can make people feel happy and become devoted at work.


SUADEX work shoes are both practical and fashionable, with reasonable prices. A pair from SUADEX is a real choice with great cost performance. One pair can not only protect people to go a further way, but also help them to walk in a more fashionable way. This is indeed what SUADEX wants to convey: even if the road is far away, a pair of good work shoes can enable you to make it.