I’m Planning a Home Renovation. What Can I Expect?

I’m Planning a Home Renovation. What Can I Expect?


I’m Planning a Home Renovation. What Can I Expect?

We all want to live in more functional, elegant, and beautiful homes. But, to do that, we sometimes have to schedule home renovations that might reduce the usability of these homes temporarily. Today, the work shoe experts at Suadex present a few things to keep in mind before you plan your home overhaul based on the type of remodeling you might consider.

Redesign Your Home Office for Double Duty

One of the first things that many homeowners do these days is to ensure they have a home office. This not only makes it easier for us to work from home, but it’s also a great selling point if you plan to relocate later. Updating your home office might mean moving to the kitchen table for a few days, but you may be able to get away with simple updates to a guest room that don’t involve full-blown demolition. Adding a desk, storage furniture, bedding, and a full-length mirror to your guest room makes it a great office and space for your friends and family to stay in when they’re in town.

Consider an HVAC Replacement

Here’s a big one: replacing your HVAC units. According to US Home Filter, there are many reasons why you might replace your heating and cooling system. If it’s more than a decade old, or you notice increased energy bills each month, it’s time to call in on your HVAC tech. For this, you expect your heating system to be down for about a day, and you’ll have technicians coming in and out of your home to check functionality. You might even have to have your ductwork replaced. 


Ask your heating and cooling contractor if they use HVAC software, which means they can send you an invoice and let you pay online. As a benefit to them, the right software will also help them follow up on leads they might find in your neighborhood.

Invest in a Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is about the most invasive job you can schedule. Gilday Renovations notes that this can take anywhere from about six weeks to 12 weeks or longer. During this time, you may not be able to cook, wash dishes, or even use your refrigerator. Adding to your expenses, you might need to invest in a dorm-style refrigerator and single burner to get you by. 


But, once your kitchen remodel is complete, you not only have the benefit of using it for your own good, 80% of people touring your home when it’s up for sale will notice that it’s bright, beautiful, and modern. If you are renovating with a mind to sell in the not too distant future, then check with a local real estate agent to see if kitchen renovations are currently worth the investment. They cause a lot of disruption and can be costly, so you want to ensure that you’re making a choice that will make it worth your while. 

Increase Your Curb Appeal with Stellar Landscaping

Although 80% of buyers expect to see a better kitchen, 100% will notice whether your lawn is lackluster or lush. Consider scheduling landscaping services to help your home stand out right from the curb. Talk to your new landscape professional to find out how your project (big or small) might affect the use of your outdoor space.

Choose A Contractor

When it’s time to choose a contractor for these or any other projects, price should never be your top factor when signing a contract. Begin your search by scouring the web for remodeling professionals with a solid reputation in your community. You’ll then want to check their credentials to confirm if they are licensed and insured. Ask about their workforce and whether they background check their employees and subcontractors. 


Next, look at before and after photos of projects they’ve completed before diving into their pricing structure. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better, and the last thing you want with any renovation project is to have to pay to fix issues that an unscrupulous contractor created.

Prioritize Safety During the Remodel

Even though you’re likely not doing the hard work, you must prioritize safety during your remodel. This strategy is especially important if you are living in your home during construction and if small children will be present. The contractors will put up thick plastic drapes to demarcate the construction zones, but consider putting out cones or other visual markers, especially for smaller children. 


If you plan on moving in and out of the construction area or helping to any capacity, invest in a pair of safety shoes from Suadex. There will be stray nails and debris around the area, and you don’t want to step on something and injure yourself. 

Notify Your Neighbors

Finally, remember to let your neighbors know if you want to have a major renovation project take place which might affect the enjoyment of their home (or if your HVAC or other contractor might want to enter their name into their software to contact them at a later date). Jackhammers, saws, and dump trucks tend to create quite the ruckus in a quiet neighborhood. If you’re just renovating a home office, you probably don’t need to send out the alert. However, anything involving the outside can get you in trouble with the HOA if you don’t give a heads up first!

Enjoy the Renovation Ride

Embarking on a home remodel project is an exciting journey filled with anticipation and creativity. While it may come with some challenges and unexpected obstacles, proper planning and preparation can help navigate through the process effectively. Ultimately, the satisfaction of transforming your living space into your dream sanctuary makes the journey a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor.


Are you looking for high quality and attractive safety shoes for the worksite or your outdoor adventure? Then check out the selection at Suadex!


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