Which outdoor activity do you like (most)?(1)

Which outdoor activity do you like (most)?(1)

Spending time outdoors has proven mental and physical benefits for older people so it’s good to plan in regular activities that involve getting out and about to improve general well being and health. Outdoor activities can help to improve mood, give you energy and even help you to get a good night’s sleep – better yet, they can be enjoyed all year round.

Without further ado, here are 10+ fun and engaging outdoor activities you can participate in this weekend for free:

1. Road Cycling
Personally put road cycling first on the list of fun things to do on the weekend. Yes, there is definitely a cost to buy the gear to go on a bike ride. But honestly, who does not have a bike sitting in their garage collecting dust?
Take it out and go for a bike ride. Invite your friends and go for a group ride around the neighborhood. If you are more adventurous, you can venture out on to the open road and go for as long as your heart desires. Just please, obey the traffic laws of your locale.
Road cycling is about as convenient of an activity as you can have since it starts and ends at your front door.
2. Mountain Biking
Scared of riding your bike on the road? What if a car comes out of nowhere?
Instead of road cycling, you can hit up your local trails and ride to your heart’s content. Do not for a second think you have to follow all the advertising and have the “best” bike available to go ride mountain bike trails. It is all marketing hype.
I will be the first to admit that expensive bikes are very nice. Obviously!
However, you do not need one. Take whatever you have, be it an old beater from Wally World or a road bike and go ride in the woods or the wild.
You can ride offroad trails on any bike if you have the desire and the skill.
Chances are there are trails around you somewhere if you just know where to look. Head on over to your local bike shop and they will gladly point you in the right direction for getting started.
Mountain biking is a wonderful way to escape into the woods and enjoy a day or an hour of peace (or adrenaline… your choice).
Mountain Biking
3. Hiking
Go for a hike. Hiking is absolutely free for everyone. All you need is a pair of shoes and you can head out the door to go for a hike. You can take a stroll on the trails around your local park head off into the woods and do some bush-whacking… Just make sure you are not trespassing on someone’s property.
It’s a bad end to a day when you accidentally trespass on some rednecks land and then they pull a gun on you to show you. (This didn’t happen to me, but has happened to friends of mine)
Breath in the fresh air and the quiet as you escape the sounds of the city and forget the worries of life on a nice hike in the woods.

4. Picnic
Pack a lunch a take it to a spot outside where you can enjoy the day. You can take it and set up in your local park, you could even just go into your backyard and enjoy the evening.
The idea of a picnic is just to get outside, breath in the fresh air, and listen to the sounds of nature. Your kids will love a picnic because it is something different.
Bonus: There is nothing for them to break when playing outside in the grass.

5. Kayaking / Canoeing
Kayaking and canoeing are a blast. You get to take a boat out on the water and float and paddle around your local lakes or streams.
If you desire an easy paddle take your boat to the lake and paddle around. If you desire something with a little more adrenaline you can take your boats out on rivers and streams that flow faster and have some whitewater.
Please be prepared when you go out on a boat and take a life jacket. If you cannot swim, you should not be out on the water.
Now, these activities are only free if you personally have a canoe or kayak already. If you participate in the Boy Scouts and possibly the Girl Scouts you can probably borrow them from your troop. Chances are you know somebody that has a pair of kayaks or a canoe sitting around that you can borrow.
Kayaking / Canoeing
6. Skateboarding
To go along with more dangerous activities, pull out that old skateboard you have tucked away under your desk. Plop it down on the road and skate around.
They are still cool even if you do not think so. Just look at all the cool kids in middle school and you will know the skateboard is king!

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